The purpose of Hawai'i 8 is to support and complement our community colleges with a program to enhance academics across the state, engage community and family involvement, and to help our campuses increase student enrollment, student retention, and boost graduation. 

Reflection on all we have experienced over the past few years has given us a new perspective and understanding to the significance of the life we choose to live and why it is important that we move forward together as a community.  


In a March 2018 report released by Hawaiʻi P-20 Partnerships in Education, small gains in college and career readiness of Hawaiʻi high school graduates is evident. Our students continue to struggle academically, socially and emotionally in the transition from High School to College.  In many studies and reports, graduating Seniors who attend mainland universities do not return to their school for the second year.   Locally, our community colleges and universities student enrollment continues to trend downward.

Institutional Research & Analysis Office University of Hawaiʻi System

Academic Planning & Policy


** Opening Enrollment (headcount, for credit students only) as of 6/26/2018 **

Club College Athletics will offer Hawaiʻi college students the opportunity to pursue an affordable college education while continuing to play the sport they identify with and are passionate about.  Transitioning from high school to college with the support of family and friends in our home communities will strengthen a students ability to acquire a quality education and earn a marketable degree while pursuing their career goals.  Club College Athletics will also provide Hawai’i students a home-based option to pursue their athletic aspirations while striving towards NCAA eligibility for national recruitment.

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